Are you a tech startup looking for preseed/seed investment?

Manchester Angels was setup to do one thing and one thing only – match early stage tech startups with the right early-stage investment.

We know you’re busy – we’ve been there and done that. So in order to understand how we can help we’re going to ask you for the minimum of information so you can get back to smashing it - just make sure to check the requirements below before you submit!

Once you’ve answered these questions and submitted your deck, we’re going to look at what you’ve told us and if it’s a right fit, we’ll upload your deal to our investment platform to share with our angels. In the first instance we'll try and identify one of our angels to champion the deal.

We are a technology investment network; our angels typcially invest in technology (hardware, software, SaaS etc as well as health/bioTech).

We promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we can – we know what it’s like to wait!

In the meantime, check out our FAQs and our requirements:
- Raising < £1m at valuation of <£5m post-money.
- Company formally based or material presence within the 10 boroughs of Manchester.
- Primarily  a software business. We rarely invest in businesses with a major hardware element.
- Some form of defensible moat that makes it hard for others to do what you're doing (we don't need patents and prefer you didn't spend money on patents so early unless there's a very specific reason).
- Founder-market fit at least some early indication of product market fit.

We're more 3x more likely to invest in a business if it's championed by one of our angels. See if you can get their attention!

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