Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Manchester Angels' funding criteria?

Our angels invest in technology and IP-rich businesses where technology is used to solve a hard problem which makes it difficult for others to replicate.

More formally we look at the following:
- The business should be raising less than £1m.
- The valuation should be less than £5m post-money.
- The business should be located within the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.
- The business should primarily be a software business. We only very occasionally invest in businesses with a hardware componen.
- The business should have some form of defensible moat.
- The business should have founder-market fit or at least some early indication of product market fit.

Does Manchester Angels have a fund that invests?

No Manchester Angels is not a fund. We are a network who will try and match you with our experienced and active angels.

What do you need from pitching entrepreneurs?

Take a look at our startups page.

At what stage do your angels invest?

Purely as guidance, we typically invest in preseed/seed rounds that require between £50k and £1.5m.

What is your geographical remit?

Our angels are mainly focused on investing in businesses in and around Mancheser and the North-West.

How can I get funded?

Tell us all about you on our startups page and submit your deck

Does Manchester Angels invest directly as a fund or syndicate?

No – the organisation that is Manchester Angels does not directly invest either as a syndicate or fund. We match the right opportunities with interested angels who will either invest directly or as part of an ad-hoc syndicate using tools such as Carta or Odin.

What businesses do you invest in?

We invest in interesting, disruptive and innovative Tech and life sciences businesses with the right founding teams where the desired pre-money valuation is <£5m.

It really depends but our angels typically write cheques of a minimum of £50k and we have done deals of nearly £300k.

Our angels can lead rounds but also happy to invest alongside institutional VC funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become an angel?

Typical profile - exited entrepreneur, Manchester focused etc

Our angels are typically exited entrepreneurs based in and around Manchester with a strong technology background.

Where and how do you meet and share deals?

We have an deal management platform that allow us to share deals with our member angels. We also run a number of exclusive events.

How many members are there?

We are a group of almost 40 active angels who have typically exited from tech businesses. We’ve been there, done that and made a ton of mistakes we’re keen for businesses to avoid. We’re very picky about who we ask to join and would typically look for angels with capital to deploy and time to help those businesses prosper. We’re not ashamed to have a bias for more women and angels from under-represented groups.

Where do you source your deals?

We have an extensive network and work hard to find the most interesting deals.