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Jeremy Gidlow

Jeremy Gidlow

Jeremy’s focus is on Software centric companies that solveproblems that matter. He has expertise in Fund Raising, Cyber Security, MachineLearning, Software Development and Professional Services. Jeremy founded two successfulbusinesses, Netacea and Intechnica.

Netacea is a leader in the protection of websites, API’s andmobile applications from cyber threats using AI. It protects some of theworld’s largest companies from sophisticated attacks that other systems cannotdetect.

Intechnica is the UK leader in Technology Due Diligence toboth Private Equity and Corporate clients. In 2023 Jeremy led Intechnica to asuccessful exit to the US company Crosslake.

Jeremy started his technology career as a software developerbefore founding his first company in 2006. Past company clients include Asos,Channel 4, Marks and Spencer’s, GSK and Unilever.